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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

There are mysteries in the world where we have just touched the surface of understanding. One being the riddle of consciousness. It is inherently a part of our being, our beloved pets, and wild animals most would agree. What is not so obvious are the subtle consciousnesses. Plants🌱 trees 🌲the wind, the very earth herself 🌏 From what I have experienced, the best I can surmise is that it is all connected, we are all connected, and united by this energy language of love ❤️ This includes rocks and crystals too. For some years now I have been in an exploratory dance with the crystal world. They have a consciousness, and it's a mystery. Somehow we have a connection. In my exploration I decided to create my own crystal essences and see what would happen. To my surprise the crystals knocked my socks off. I danced and sang to them, asked them from my heart to share their specific gifts to help others. In a sacred circle with invited beings of light my crystal essences were born. The alchemy transference of love, from them, from me 💗 These new mist offerings are all crystal alchemy water, not diluted in any way. In scenting them I chose essential oils that not only smelled beautiful, but were considered also by their emotional medicine and magical properties. My prayer is that they support and uplift you in this magical beautiful sometimes crazy mystery of life 🙌🏼💕✨


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