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A woodsy and warm gem essence crafted with crystals empowered through sacred ceremony to harmonize with precious essential oils to clear your energetic field. These oils were carefully selected for their complementary, vibrational plant medicine and to impart a beautiful aroma. 

The Crystals:

-Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds. It releases stress, transmuting negative energy into positive. Helps to ground and stand in one's power.


-Dravite has a strong grounding action and like other Tourmalines is also quite soothing, and has a calming, relaxing and reassuring effect on the body. The vibration of this crystal aids you to release negative energy, while it fills your auric field with high vibration loving energy. It helps you to come down from the higher planes and to make a stronger earth connection.


The Essential Oils

-Palo Santo purifys and cleanses spaces of negative energies. Has an emotionally uplifting and balancing effect.


-Sage clears energy in a room bringing back to nuetrality. Repells negative spirits and entities.


-Vetiver oil releases nervous tension, anxiety, anger, restlessness, insomnia, and depression. Inherintly gounding in nature it helps to maintain emotional calm and process grief.  


-Cedar oil brings balance and steadiness to the spirit. 


-Frankincense operates in the auric field serving as a protector.


To use: Spray liberally around your body or space. Clear energy between client sessions. Great after a stressful day. or when you need to ground and be present. The applications are as vast as one's imagination. 




Spirits (for preservation)

Crystal Essence of: Black Tourmaline, Dravite

Essential Oil of: Palo Santo, Sage, Vetiver, Cedar, Frankincense

DISPEL Crystal Mist

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