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When I came across Lindsay Mack's teachings I had never entertained the idea of being a professional tarot reader. Sure I had plenty of decks I had collected over the years loving the mystery of them, but my knowledge of the real meanings and how to tie them together, well, admittedly I still had a lot of questions. Thus they were relegated to "just for fun". But when I found Lindsay's class, there was an undeniable pull I could not ignore, and just like that, a new trajectory of my career began.


As soon as the first class I understood why I felt so drawn. Lindsay is a true mystic. Rather than interpreting the cards as has been done through the ages, Lindsay has developed, through received channeling, a meaning for the cards that more truly reflects the human condition. She truly loves her craft and is an inspiring wellspring of wisdom. Beyond that her heartfelt presence to witness you is golden. I'm so grateful I listened to my intuition's call to take her classes. Not only was I introduced to a way of reading the tarot that feels truly aligned, I also had the privilege of meeting a beautiful soul. She is a gift. Take all her classes :)



Master Crystal Shaman Raym, and his lovely wife Chicchan, a Reiki Master and Sound Healer, teach the Crystal Dreaming program together. With more than 20 years of practice Raym has honed his Crystal Dreaming technique to an amazing degree. Luckily, a handful of years back, he finally decided to spread his teachings beyond Australia. I consider myself most fortunate to have been in his first group of American students. Since then I have gone on to take Advanced Crystal Dreaming which broadens the technique to be facilitated remotely. 


In his book Spirit World he writes of past sessions in his shamanic practice. The stories range from touching to downright 'WHOA!' If you want to take a wild ride down the rabbit hole I highly recommend this riveting read. You can purchase a version in ebook here for a nominal fee. 


Raym and Chiccan reside in Byron Bay, Australia.



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