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About Marlene Lopez | Sweet Honor Alchemy

Smiling woman giving a tarot reading

The healing-arts, exploration of the mystical world, and creative expression, have been long standing, passionate interests of mine. Ever since I was a young girl I've been searching and exploring beyond the veil.

I've had an unquenchable thirst for this knowledge that has led to 20+ years of exploration and experience.


My spiritual journey really kicked in as a young girl living in San Francisco, California where I connected with amazing mentors and spiritual seeking friends. I discovered and explored Wicca, Goddess culture, tarot, Reiki, and worked with a Master Reiki Shamaness for over a year.  I eventually moved to New York City and immersed myself into the corporate fashion world.  After ten plus years in this corporate arena of jewelry design, I knew that something was missing. It became crucial to seek a deeper meaning for my life. After much soul searching, I have come full circle, returning to that which is an intrinsic part of my being, as it patiently waited for me to remember. Reestablishing myself in California I feel like I have come home, to art, to my spirit.


The name Sweet Honor  was gifted to me through my guides many years ago during a beautiful shamanic healing ceremony in San Francisco, California. The meaning of Sweet Honor has continued to unfold for me through the years, but the essence of its message is to have sweet reverence for the Mystery of life, Earth and all her sentient life forms, and of course one's own self. A foundation for all that I offer and create.

Thank you for being here, and may your path be illuminated by many points of light along the way. 




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-Certified Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner

Taught by Master Crystal Shaman Raym Richards, Byron Bay, Australia


-Graduate of the 12 week Soul Tarot Mastery Intensive One on One Training program with Lindsay Mack of Sacred Tarot School, NYC.


-Reiki II Practitioner.



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