I start these paintings with colors that reveal themselves during quiet moments such as meditation, the stillness upon just waking in the morning, daydreaming. Two colors usually present which become my starting point. From there the painting takes on a life of it's own. I have no idea which direction the paintings will go as each new placement of color creates a new terrain. Part of the process is to surrender to the unknown and let go of control. The finished painting is never what I could have anticipated, each a unique creation and reflection of moments in time.

mandala yellow stripes_edited.jpg


Commissions are open for Cosmic Mandalas.

100% cotton, acid free, archival paper

Watercolor, Gouache, 24k Gold Leaf, Fine Silver Leaf.

5x5" Single Mandala $300

5x7" Double Mandala $500

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

To book a commission email me, (Marlene) at

We'll talk about your favorite colors, or, if it's a present, the recipient's favorites,

the occasion, as well as a possible backstory or significance.
I enjoy adding these additional sparks to the process.

Eri Mandala_edited_edited.jpg
2 Cosmic 2 Print_edited_edited.jpg