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Space Clearing

An image of a long hallway of beautiful French style 18th centuraly home

You know the feeling, you walk into someone's home or a public space and something doesn't feel quite right. This is because over time spaces accumulate and hold energy. For instance your new home may be many other people's old home with years of experiences contained within it. Not all energy accumulated is bad, it's just not yours and you can live there for years and not feel quite "at home".


Then there is the issue of, yes, ghosts, I like to call them earthbounds. Sometimes they can be attached to a home unaware that they are not in the living anymore. Sometimes they are aware and are just stuck from years of being in limbo. These souls can be gently lead back home which is a great service. Not all ghosts are scary, more like roommates that contribute to the atmosphere. Of course sometimes there is just some bad ol' funky energy that makes your skin crawl and no one needs to live with that.


I can help clear your home, office or any other kind of property. guiding souls back home if necessary, and create a container of light and continued blessings for the space. This service can be accomplished long distance or in person with equal results.


This is one of my most favorite things to do

and I look forward to helping you.



For inquiries send an email to:



Space Clearings start at $100.

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