The Colors of Your Soul are so Beautiful

This offering was a gift I received from my guides. Even though I had no idea that a Soul had colors, somehow I had no doubt I could do this, what a great idea! When I sat down to try the first one I laughed out loud realizing I don't know how to do this!


My first test subject was a friend who, it turns out, had already seen her own Soul colors during a meditation in a retreat many years prior. I had my job cut out for me! All I could do was try, intention was all I had. I focused on my subject and shortly I was mesmerized by the beautiful display of colors, I gasped! So beautiful! Diligently I mixed colors for the exact shades I had seen, not settling for anything less. 

When I presented my painting, nervously, imagine my surprise when I was told that these were the exact colors she had seen too! Such a beautiful testimony to following spirit, and your intuition.


Commissions are open for Soul Portraits

100% cotton, acid free, archival paper

Watercolor, Pastel, 24k Gold Leaf, Fine Silver Leaf.

Created in reverent ceremony, with crystal infused waters and Reiki.


   5x7" $300

 7x10" $400

 Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

To book a commission email me (Marlene) at sweethonorhealing@gmail.com

We'll chat about the portrait's subject.
If the portrait is a gift, we can talk about the occasion, the person receiving it,

and if you'd like, a special memory you have of them.
I take pleasure in adding these extra sparks to the process.