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I am lucky enough to say that I have experienced all three of Marlene's special offerings:  a Crystal Dreaming Healing, a Tarot Reading, and the Crystal Essences. For both the Crystal Dreaming Healing and Tarot Reading sessions, I was welcomed warmly into Marlene's treatment space, which was peaceful and calming. I instantly felt relaxed and at ease. Marlene has a very soothing voice and demeanor - you immediately feel nurtured in her presence. My Crystal Dreaming Healing session was incredible! Marlene helped guide me through everything and asked thoughtful questions that led me to some surprising - and transformative - results. In fact, I had my session a week before I typically receive a stressful phone call from a very combative relative. This person came up in our session and I was finally able to release a lot of anger. This was the first time  in over a decade that I did not receive said phone call - I truly believe my Crystal Dreaming Healing session had everything to do with cutting those hurtful ties. My Tarot Reading was just as amazing. Marlene's intuition was on point, and all of my questions were acknowledged and answered. I always use her Crystal Essences before and after meditation, as well as during stressful times. They always put me at ease and allow me to release negative energy and anxiety. I highly recommend working with Marlene - her knowledge, genuine spirit and kindness show through in everything she does. 


Maggie P. - Queens, NY





My wife started using the Protection tincture when she started Chemo for breast cancer. Her Doctor was amazed at how well she was doing, hardly any side effects aside from hair loss. I got in big trouble when the first bottle ran out. She insisted the tincture had a major contributing ability to withstand the aggressive cancer treatment. Bought a bunch more. I will never run out again!


Terry R. - San Jose, CA

Draped around my neck right now is a beautiful Moldavite pendant set and strung by Marlene. I wear two other custom pieces as well. A beautiful ring and a divine union necklace that represents a marriage of the inner masculine and feminine. The energy held within the pieces she has infused with Reiki feels protective, balancing and full of love. Her creativity truly becomes expressed through her designs, energy work, tinctures, tarot and Space clearing sessions. Her vibe feels fairy like. Lighthearted, compassionate, clean and playful. I appreciate having been able to experience her services through each of her modalities. While living in LA with a very ill patient of mine requested Marlene's space clearing services. The experience was tremendously heart opening as I noticed profound shifts in my patient, her dog and in the energy of her home. It felt like a huge cloud had been lifted off of the property and we could all breathe again. Her Reiki feels soothing and on a long car ride down south she helped ease discomfort in my right hip via some distance work. Amazing! The tinctures are miraculous! I use heart and balance daily with immediate relief. I've even shared them in diluted form with my kitten when he displays signs of anxiety with wonderful results. A tarot session with Marlene helped me to pause and reflect before making a pivotal decision last summer! I can't say enough about how much I value this woman as a healer. Thank you beautiful soul for embracing your passions and sharing them with the world!


Gina Q., - Ashville, NC

I received a Tarot reading from Marlene. I'm in a transition place in my life where I'm evaluating my life plan and next steps. Marlene was sensitive and attentive while listening to my question. She was very compassionate and intuitive during the reading. Her reading was very accurate and heartfelt and I felt like I received some much needed, gentle insights. I've received a lot of readings from various people in the past; Marlene's reading was one of the best ones I've had. If you're looking for a very intuitive, heart centered reader with the approach of a healer, Marlene is the one for you.

Arian S. - Brooklyn, NY

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