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I Ain't Afraid of no Ghost!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Ghostbusters! 👻 There's a house near L.A. that's feeling happier and lighter today 😊 I did a remote clearing on a home where an individual is convalescing, the energy had been heavy for some time. After the energy in the home was cleared an earth bound spirit presented itself. A depressed young man that died in the 70s. It seemed he didn't have anyone to relate to and he was heavily into drugs. He died of a non-accidental overdose. He was ready to go home, I called in his team of light, it was a joyful reunion, he happily left with his team back home to the light. The report is that the house now feels really good! 💗 🏡 A heartfelt thank you to my client for letting me work with you!


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