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The Tiniest Crystal that Could

My crystal peeps will appreciate this 😊 I was put to task to find a special crystal for some personal work. The other day in midtown, dead tired, in the midst of the 5 o'clock rush, I thought of going to a crystal store to find one. I was reeaaaly tired. Did I mention I was tired? But thought heck, I am in the for fun, I reached out to the crystals on my way there. "Who would like to work with me for my special project?" 😊💜 suddenly I felt a swoosh in my heart, with every step towards the store I had more energy. Within 10 minutes of the store I was BLISSED OUT. And not tired anymore! I had a few crystals that were contenders, feeling my way through to which one to purchase. This tiny little unassuming 1" crystal from Tibet ended up the one ✨Double terminated, with a 7 sided face. I knew a 7 sided face was special but couldn't remember what it meant. When I had time to really examine it at home I realized it also had a "dolphin" that extra little crystal on the side (for nurturing) it also is a memory keeper with triangles on one of the faces, and the 7 sided face makes it a channeling crystal! To sum up: Double terminated, record keeper, with dolphin, channeling crystal. Oh and it has lemurian striations. I was wowed! Thanks little crystal buddy for finding me 😊💜✨looking forward to how my special assignment works out ✨ps, I was still blissed out for the rest of the night ✨


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